2012 366 Photo Challenge

So I've decided to embark on a new challenge for 2012.  I have no idea how I'm going to do this considering I work 40 hours a week in my day job, then another countless hours on our business, but I figure it will help me improve my photography so I'm up for it!

I will take a photo every day, and upload to this blog as often as I can.  Most of the photos will probably centre around Mr A, just because he is my main focus in life so its only natural that translates to my lens.  I welcome your comments and feedback, and please if your partaking in this challenge let me know so I have more inspiration!

Oh and a MASSIVE MASSIVE thank you to Jacqui who kindly designed the button above - I am utterly useless when it comes to all things like this so you have worked magic for me - THANK YOU!!!

Check out Jacqui's blog and my other photog groupies who have signed up to join me!

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